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About the Regina Stitchery Guild

Our philosophy is to promote and encourage the practice and knowledge of the art of stitchery in all its forms. In addition, it is the Guild’s intent is to create a fellowship of persons interested in stitchery who wish to increase and share their knowledge and to maintain high standards of design, colour, and workmanship in all forms of stitchery. To encourage all facets of stitchery using a threaded needle we offer our members the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills through:

The Regina Stitchery Guild is a chapter member of the Embroiderer’s Association of Canada. This gives RSG members automatic EAC membership and enables them to take advantage of EAC’s wide range of correspondence courses and the opportunity to spend a week at its national seminar held in a different location in Canada each year.


Creative Reboot  2020

This article submitted by Guild member Karen is a summary of an article found in the December 2019/January 2020 edition of Quilting Arts magazine

The start of a new year is always a good time to reflect on the things you want to accomplish over the next few months.  There is an interesting article in the  magazine that started me thinking in a deliberate way about my creative goals for 2020.  I always seem to have a long list of things I want to try, or projects that I want to make, but this article suggests a more organized way to further your own artistic goals and skills.

The author, Mel Beach, poses three questions to think about before setting any goals:

  • What piques your curiosity? “ Is it a technique, something you have seen or read about, or a new trend?
  • What is holding you back?” What obstacles or roadblocks do you face in trying to reach your goals?
  • What technical skills have you avoided”, or need to learn to move forward?

Your answers to these questions will help you see where you may want to focus your time and efforts in the coming months, and help you set your own personal creative goals.

Beach also identifies some general areas for your goals:

  • Learn and develop new skills and techniques to use in your fibre art.” Try new techniques, experiment with colours or dyes….
  • “Enhance your own artistic development.” Take a class, work in a series, get a group together to critique work, work in a different colour….
  • “Learn to use technology in your creative practise.”
  • “Promote yourself and your work.” Enter a show or a sale, post your work online, teach a class…

Your specific goals may fall into one or more of these areas or into a new area – the choice is yours!  Setting goals for yourself and for your work will help to keep you focused and moving forward in your own creative journey and have fun along the way!  Write your goals down where you can refer to them over the next few months (like a creative journal!) and check off things when you have accomplished a goal to help keep you motivated.


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