Program for the fall/winter will include a traditional stitching project and something for members who want to explore design ideas of their own.

  • Casaluguidi Embroidery – this is a highly textured, raised embroidery that includes techniques such as pulled thread, padded and raised embroidery, surface stitching, insertions, tassels and cording. The design is stitched on Belfast linen or Cashel linen.  Elaborate tassels are a very distinctive part of Casalguidi.
  • Sketch Book – members will create a sketch book learning techniques demonstrated by our very own members.  A sketch book is  like a diary to record visual ideas to aid in the process of design.  Regular practice in recording visual ideas leads to an increased confidence with the process of design and encourages creativity.  The sketch book does not have to be technically perfect.  It is a means to an end on an end in itself.


All workshops previously planned for the spring 2020 are cancelled due to Covid19 restrictions.