Guild Workshops and Program 2017-2018

Welcome back to another exciting year in the Regina Stitchery Guild.  Canada turned 150 years old and the Regina Stitchery Guild turns 40.  These are two wonderful events to celebrate. This year workshops and program will celebrate these two amazing events.

At each monthly meeting, excluding December and June, there will be a surprise guest speaker and a corresponding stitching activity.  Bring a basic sewing kit and a 4″ embroidery hoop to each meeting.

Also part of the monthly program we encourage everyone to stitch Artist Trading Cards [ATC]. Artist Trading cards are small pieces of art 2.5 by 3.5 inches, about the size of a hockey trading card that can be traded at each meeting if you like.  These cards are being made to include in Martha Cole’s up coming workshops. Be sure to check back in the weeks and months ahead for more details about Martha Cole’s classes.  More information about the ATC  program is is available at a Guild meeting.

Martha Cole is a Saskatchewan fibre artist. Martha Cole will be facilitating workshops for the Regina Stitchery Guild for the next 18 months.  To get more information about Martha Cole visit her website at