Program – 2021-2022 -information about the program is provided to members at the monthly guild meetings.

Postcards From Around the World

2020 saw the World in the hands of a Pandemic. COVID 19 found its way into the lives of every household. The media has focused on many countries known well yet has exposed other countries not as well known.

Today June 2021 – the future looks promising. Vaccines are here, doors are slowly opening, people are peeking out their windows like a new bloom poking its head through the fresh soil.  Resilient are we.

While it is still not advisable to travel in person, it is a thought that one could travel within our own walls. To explore the World that has been presented to us these last many months, a world that today is at our fingertips. Just a stroke of a key we can explore a culture, a people, or a history – for us an embroidery history of the countries one has been introduced to.

The Postcard – Embroideries from around the World will explore a culture, an identity and or a people relative to its country. The goal is to learn and to produce a postcard size embroidery to show where you have been in your journey.

At the end of the year your postcards will uncover 12 different, unique embroideries from 12 different countries.

Postcard size 4x6inches

Can use any fabric, threads, and other relative materials. This is a “use what you have” project so try not to purchase anything. Reach out to your Guild members and ask if they have just the right thing you require. I Am sure there are lots of people who would like to share.

We will be having a show and share during our regular meetings. It will be exciting to see where you have been.

Ok so pack your bags with threads and fabrics and let’s get out to some intense travel.

Buckle your seatbelts…

Here we GO!!! …………

Workshop – 2021-2022

RSG Wool Applique Group – Starts September 4, 2021

This is a member led group on the technique of wool applique with plain or fancy stitches. Participants can chose a large or small project or create their own design, embellishing it with simple or more complex stitches.

Six kits have been ordered and will be available for purchase for those interested in taking part in the group. The kits are designed by Karen Hahn and are from her series ” My Kitchen Garden”. Each kit is a different design measuring 11×9″ and includes the pattern and wool fabric for the design. Cost of each it is $50.00.

There are also 4 small kits of a single motif for those who want only a little taste of the technique. Cost of each kit is $20.00

A third alternative participants may create their own design and provide their own fabric but take part in the group for a cost of $20.00.

The group will meet 2 or 3 times as needed by the group. The first meeting is Saturday September 4 from 1:00 – 4:00 in the Neil Balkwill Centre stitching room. A group fee of $20.00/participant is required.

Wool Applique Images

Indigo Dying With Rhonda Lamb -Saturday October 9, 2021

Indigo dyeing is an ancient dye method used throughout the world. It results in a lovely blue color that can vary in intensity and design. Come join Rhonda as she tells you about the dye and walks you through the process to dye your own samples of cotton fabric. Your fabric could be used to cover a journal, make a bag or be the background for your own stitched motifs.

Rhonda Lamb, a juried member of the Sask Craft Council with a BA in Fine Arts, is an experienced felter and dyer. This workshop will be held on Saturday, October 9 from 10 – 4 pm at the Neil Balkwill Centre stitching room. Class size is limited to 8 participants. All participants must be fully vaccinated and masks will be required. Workshop fee is $95.00 which includes all materials.

Group Project Winter of 2022

Fairy House by Kathleen Laurel Sage

This lovely kit makes one, lined 3D fairy house. Stitched on soft felt, it is embellished with ribbons, beads, buttons and stitches of your choice. The kit comes complete with pattern, full instructions and all the supplies you need to complete the project. Some machine sewing is required. Let your inner child play with this fairy house. Kit cost is $80.00 and payment must be made before the kits are ordered. For more information contact the guild.

EAC News

EAC/ACB’s 50th Anniversary Celebration has begun.  Please visit the website to view the upcoming events.  

The “Traveling Twinchie Project” is now open for registration and can be found on the opening page of the website (no need to login to the member only site to view the details).

Registration is open from now until November 1, 2021.  Why do you need to register?  Participants are placed in groups of 12, with participants from different geographical areas.  The plan is to stitch mini pieces of embroidery (2″ x 2″) for others to receive from them.  The finished project will represent friends from near and far. (further details and pictures can be found on the website).

Register by sending an email to  Put in the subject line – TRAVELING TWINCHIE PROJECT. Provide the technique (Surface embroidery, Canvas or Counted) you wish to stitch in the email body.

This is a fun event with beautiful results for the participants.  A wonderful embroidery piece created by EAC/ACB friends for Celebrate 50.  Let’s join in the celebration!